HTBAF: Stitches

HTBAF: Stitches

How To Build A Fire: Stitches
When: May 30th, 7pm
Where: Open Source Gallery

What holds us together, binds us to one another? What dissolves us into side-aching laughter? How do we put ourselves back together after trauma or tragedy or adorn ourselves for ceremony and celebration? What are the carefully-laid threads that tell our stories, create the story quilts of our lives? May 30th, 7pm. How to Build a Fire. We’ll be spinning tales, telling yarns, weaving some ties that bind. Come slip through the eyes of our needles!

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Jacqueline Johnson is a multi-disciplined artist creating in both poetry, fiction writing and fiber arts. She is the author of A Woman’s Season, on Main Street Rag Press and A Gathering of Mother Tongues, published by White Pine Press and is the winner of the Third Annual White Pine Press Poetry Award.

She has been awarded residencies at MacDowell Colony for the Arts, Black Earth Institute, Blue Mountain Arts Colony, Hurston Wright, and Brooklyn Public Library Artist Residency.


Heather Osterman-Davis is a NYC based writer who specializes in turning trauma into comedy. Her work can be found in The New York Times; Slate; Washington Post; McSweeney’s and more.