Soup Kitchen 2018

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December 1-31, 2018

Each year the Open Source Soup Kitchen brings together artists, cooks, friends, and neighbors for a month of cooking, eating, sharing and celebrating!


For as many nights of the month as we have volunteers, we will provide the cookware and utensils–and our volunteer chef of the evening will be responsible to a “one-pot meal” (usually a soup or stew) that can feed approximately 15-20 people. All meals are served between 7:00-9:00pm. We welcome all kinds of unique dishes from any ethnic tradition! The cook of the night is also responsible for incorporating an artistic element into the evening–it can be a one-night exhibit, musical performance, short play, or decoration of the gallery!

Attendees of the Soup Kitchen are neighbors, artists, people who are down on their luck, or some who are simply hungry. Sometimes the conversation flows easily, sometimes not, but the food is nearly always tasty (it’s New York, after all–we have standards!) Join us for good food, good art, and good conversation–and bring your friends, family, and neighbors!

This is a free event. If you would like to be a guest, stop by Open Source any night in December between 7:00pm and 9:00pm!

All bowls for the Soup Kitchen have been generously donated by artist Andrew Snyder.



OPEN SOURCE is a participant-driven art initiative in Brooklyn, NY that provides space, community and conceptual context for creative play and critical commentary.


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