Become an Open Source Patron!

Become an Open Source Patron!

Open Source depends on the contributions of people like you to support arts and arts workers while presenting free programs!

Your support helps ensure that we can continue to engage our community in the arts by offsetting critical costs like program materials, outreach, and W.A.G.E. certified artist compensation.

  • All patrons are credited on our website
  • Patrons at all levels will receive 2 vouchers to KoKo After Dark events
  • Donate $10/month to receive a limited edition 2022 Open Source catalogue. The catalogue features stunning documentation of all 2022 exhibitions by photographer Stefan Hagen, as well as essays and poetry by Danielle Wu, Katarina Poliacikova, Clarinda Mac Low, Carolyn Hall, Raul Zamudio, Coleman Collins, Rebecca Schultz, and Jasmine Dreame Wagner. Donate $25/month to receive a special edition 2022 catalog, which includes artifacts from 2022 exhibitions such as posters and publications.


Thank you to the patrons of Open Source:
Thomas Flaschen
Danielle Bias
Valerie Cotsalas
Mark Bisard
Natasha Wanchek
Greg DeFelice
Pim Zeegers
Elizabeth Moreau
Elise Koffler
Lily White
Patricia Watwood
Tracy Rudzitis
Emma Lewis
Charlotte Mendelaar
Alex Knowlton
Heidi Langeneckert
Julina Tatlock
Jeremy Green Eche
Gertjan Meijer
Gesa Kudlack
Elise Slobodin
Shauna Sorensen
Margrethe Aanestad
Adrienne Urbanski
Jerome Engelking
Teresa Santamaria
Lia Buttini
Julie Eydman
Elizabeth Hansen
Denis deVerteuil
Max Nevins
Dominic Gencarelli
Anne Sherman
Sheryll Durrant
Francis Jacob
Julia Mielczarek
Sabine Rosenstein
Erin Fisk