What is HTBAF?

What is HTBAF?

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How to Build a Fire is a community storytelling series where a diverse group of individuals share real-life, personal narratives centered around a different theme each month. At times funny, at times sad, their stories weave together a broad illustration of the human experience. How to Build a Fire takes place at Open Source Gallery -a welcoming, nurturing, intimate, safe environment- where, monthly, one can see a new exhibition installed by an array of up-and-coming and established visual artists.

Every year, poet and event founder Terence Degnan partners with Open Source Gallery to select co-hosts/curators for each HTBAF season. Stacie Evans and Lana Siebel will host the 2023 season

Past curators:

Terence Degnan
Lily White
Jacquline Reason
Stacie Evans
Christina Marks
Shafina Ahmed
Phillip J. Ammonds
Matt Barbehenn
Kate Hill Cantrill
Denne Michelle Norris
Alena Singleton
Karen Stevenson
Emily Ray Reese

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This program is supported by the Puffin Foundation