*cOM: Sara Bouchard: Aural Ecologies

*cOM: Sara Bouchard: Aural Ecologies

Sara Bouchard: Aural Ecologies

Where: Open Source Gallery
When: Sunday, May 19, 11am – 1pm

Sound artist Sara Bouchard will present a performance and discussion based on her current research:  building live-coded, immersive soundscapes in collaboration with the local environment. In an age in which the future is shaped by both machine intelligence and ecological devastation, how can listening to the landscape with the aid of technology offer us a closer understanding of natural and constructed ecosystems? How can the transmission of song (involving human voice or other) revive our sense of community in a psychogeographic space? What can we learn about the future by uncovering the hidden sounds of urban nature in the present?

Sara Bouchard is a multidisciplinary artist and composer who uses sound, performance, installation, creative coding, and works on paper to interweave song, story and the landscape. Sara has exhibited internationally, including at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum (CT), The Center for Book Arts (NYC) and at ERES Foundation (Munich, Germany). She has performed extensively, including at The International Conference for Live Coding (Utrecht, Netherlands), The American Folk Art Museum (NYC) and numerous festivals. Her work is in a growing number of public collections, including the Princeton University Library. Born in Stockton, CA, Sara received her BA from Yale University in 2003 and was subsequently based in Brooklyn, NY, for 13 years where she embedded herself in her local community through socially engaged art practices and American roots music. She relocated to Richmond, VA, to study with sound artist Stephen Vitiello, earning her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2019. She is currently Adjunct Faculty at VCUarts Department of Kinetic Imaging.
Photo by Terry Brown