*cOM | Limit is the limit: projectarians against lat(t)e capitalizm

*cOM | Limit is the limit: projectarians against lat(t)e capitalizm

*cHURCH OF MONIKA | Limit is the limit: projectarians against lat(t)e capitalizm

When: Sunday, April 28th, 11am – 1pm
Where: Open Source Gallery

The limitless aspiration is one of the driving forces of artistic projectarians – people who make one project after another and many in the same time. Following the neoliberal credo, this cohort should channel the entrepreneurial spirit of lat(t)e capitalizm, and capitalize on themselves, their friendships and collective ideas. However, the ideological sliver of soymilk aesthetics obscures the harsh reality of cutthroat competition, low wages and self-precarisation. No wonder that some projectarians say enough is enough, and put limit to endless exploitation.  While sipping overpriced lattes, they plot resistance. Kuba Szreder, an author of the recently published book, The ABC of the projectariat, Living and working in a precarious art world, will chat about a couple of strategies adopted by radicalized art workers, such as unionization, self-organization or postartistic activism, at odds with the underlying principles of lat(t)e capitalizm. Following both the spirit and the letter of (linguistic) resistance, crucial for Drożyńska’s exhibition, Szreder will focus on a couple of entries from The ABC of the projectariat that emerged in the process of cultural (mis)translation, such as artyzol, patainstiutionalism, postart and the very projectariat.

KUBA SZREDER is a researcher, curator, and lecturer at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw. He cooperates with artistic unions, consortia of postartistic practitioners, clusters of art-researchers, art collectives and artistic institutions in Poland, UK, and other European countries. He is an editor and author of several catalogues, books, readers, book chapters, articles and manifestos, in which he scrutinizes the social, economic, and theoretical aspects of the expanded field of art. Current research interests include conditions of artistic labor, new models of artistic institutions, artistic self-organization, artistic research, postartistic theory and practice. His book The ABC of the projectariat: living and working in a precarious art world was published in 2021 by the Manchester University Press and the Whitworth.

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