July 16 – July 30, 2014
Performance: July 30

Resistance Points To....

Resistance points to….

“Action can never manifest through a predictable, deterministic series of consequences, since the subject, by acting, is placed within a complicated web of relationships which cannot be predicted before hand. In the same sense, Action is irreversible”.

H. Arendt

On July 30, Berlin based artists Nadin Reschke and Claire Waffel will present a site-specific
performance which will combine video projection, textile installation and text.

Their work deals with transformations in their city generated by economic developments- circumstances which are similar to those of New York. Their textiles will create a layered screen, which unfolds as the text is performed. Piece by piece, a visual narrative describes generic observations of the city, moving increasingly towards a personal perspective. Rather than look at this as a general process, occurring in all major capitals, the artists will reflect on their own roles within these dynamics. What are individual responsibilities regarding these transformations and changes? Where is one able to break through these dynamics?

Part of this project will also look at the question of where resistance becomes visible in the public sphere; gestures of resistance formed on a small scale, such as alterations in public space to serve personal needs. Where do these small gestures connect with larger movements? How can they affect the everyday lives of people? Writer Mika Hannula proposes that ‘for it to be meaningful, a small gesture cannot happen in a vacuum, outside of anything and everything. It happens; it becomes something that is always an integral, important part of a particular context.’ The performance piece ‘’Resistance points to …“ finds its completion only through engagement with its specific surroundings: for two weeks the artists will work on this piece using Open Source as a studio space, inviting guests to collaborate on the process, collecting (hi)stories and sewing the different layers together.

Nadin Reschke

Nadin Reschke was born in East Germany and studied Fine Arts at the University of Wales and the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden and completed the „Goldrausch“ Postgraduate Program for Women Artists in Berlin in 2008. From 2009-2011 she taught as Assistant Professor in the Master of Fine Arts Programm „Public Art and New Artistic Strategies“ at the Bauhaus-University Weimar. Her works are based on one common principle: they refer to social and political questions and use participatory strategies to involve people outside of the art context. She is exploring and critically contesting social realities through sharing experiences and creating a common space of enquiry. Her work has been exhibited extensively with recent solo presentations at Moks Gallery (Estonia, 2013), BAS (Istanbul, 2013), Kurt-Kurt (Berlin 2013) and Urbane Künste Ruhr (Gelsenkirchen, 2013).

Claire Waffel

Claire Waffel currently lives and works in Berlin. She studied at London College of Communication where her work won the Sproxton Memorial Prize. She has exhibited her work at the National Portrait Gallery in London (2004), in solo shows at East Slovakian Gallery (Košice, Slovakia 2012), Bezalel/Yaffo 23 (Jerusalem 2011) amongst others, and has been awarded several residencies in the Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Israel. Waffel employs different media like film, photography, collage and installation to create an interplay of formerly separated time patterns and structures. By doing so, she not only points to aspects such as time and memory, but also investigates the medium’s relation to time.

Emanuele Cacciatore: A Conversation with Consequence

"Arctic Countersink" from The Human Disaster Series , 22" x 20", 2014

“Arctic Countersink” from The Human Disaster Series , 22″ x 20″, 2014

Our success and survival as a species relies heavily on our relationship with the earth. The food and water we consume, the raw materials we use, even the inspiration we draw from its physical presence are vital to our existence. Unfortunately, our technological advancements sometimes affect our planet and wellbeing in negative ways. Whether caused by greed, negligence, or human error, the results of man made disasters can be devastating, often claiming numerous lives and irreparably damaging the environment.

“A Conversation with Consequence,” a series of oil and acrylic paintings by Emanuele Cacciatore, represents a dialog with man made disasters. Using maps and imagery of disaster sites from around the world, the artist recontextualizes these events—bringing them to our attention and reclaiming them as abstract works of art.

The gestural passages and forms in these paintings are constructed and discovered through accidental, intentional, and mechanical manipulation of the imagery and paint. Brushes, stencils, and masks, in conjunction with an array of industrial tools and various painting techniques, are implemented to create the artwork, reflecting concrete and ephemeral reorganization of both form and place.

on view now

Soap Box Workshops and Derby 2014

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Emanuele Cacciatore: A Conversation with Consequence


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