Hubert Dobler: Roundabout

May 10th – May 31st, 2014
Opening Reception: May 10th, 7-9pm


Hubert Dobler presents “Roundabout,” a multimedia installation for Open Source Gallery.

Abstraction at the intersection of technology and art, Dobler’s work uses chaos and masculine tools, such as motorcycles and chainsaws, recording the marks these machines use when allowed to exist outside their traditional use. By taking apart and rearranging objects out of context, Dobler examines the emotional and visceral ties that the viewer may experience when machines operate with unrestrained abandon. Roaring, bucking and crashing, Dobler’s machines highlight the power and energy trapped inside everyday technology. He exposes the raw power and free spirit inherent in engines and motors.

“Roundabout” is an exploration of kinetic objects. Dobler pairs video projection with burned rubber paintings to create a depiction of raw and driverless machine life. In the video, two motorcycles tied together circle each other endlessly. Madly spinning, the throttles are wide open and the bikes release all of their stored energy. In front of the video, panels bearing the traces of the machines’ movement prevent the viewer from entering the gallery. The viewer’s only way to explore the wild mechanic life contained on screen is through binoculars and headphones. The doors have been removed from the gallery space, giving viewers 24/7 access to a mechanic show. Like a caged animal, the bikes are on display, performing their trick on repeat.

Hubert Dobler was born in Austria and earned his MFA in 1995 from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, as well as a degree in civil engineering. Dobler has exhibited widely throughout the US, Italy, Netherlands, and Austria. He has recently exhibited at Sculpture Center in Queens, Front Room Gallery in Brooklyn, Palais Liechtenstein in Austria, and Fundacion Bilbao Arte in Spain.

Mark Stilwell: The Super Defense Force vs The Tittanno Beast (The Power of the Constructonauts)

June 2014

video still: Super Defence Force vs The Tittanno Beasts Transformation of Omega Redeemer, June 2013

The Super Defense Force vs The Tittanno Beast (The Power of the Constructonauts) is the latest installment of an ongoing series of performances and installations created by Mark Stilwell and a group of like minded artists and musicians. This performance was co written by father son duo, Charlie and Scott Adkins. The Constructionauts are super powered robotic builders of utopian cities of the future, however, problems erupt when the Constructonauts build their latest city on an ancient spawning grounds a powerful and deadly strain of Tittanno Beast called the Kreoniods. This latest installment involves robots in conflict with monsters created from cardboard and recycled materials, live experimental music, animation, and shadow puppetry. Among the various inspirations for the performance includes Japanese animation, giant monster movies, as well as issues social issues related to class inequalities. The collaborators include live music performed by Brian Olin, art and performance contributions by John Mejias, music and editing for the animation sequenes by Yoko Stilwell, sonic swords created by Ethan Crenson, and robot costume maker and performer Chris Paisley. For this performance their will be children playing monsters and robots including Mac Crenson and Nict-Ha and J.R. Bernstein.

Mark Stilwell lead a Workshop at Open Source Gallery in October 2013.

Emanuele Cacciatore: A Conversation with Consequence


Our success and survival as a species relies heavily on our relationship with the earth. The food and water we consume, the raw materials we use, even the inspiration we draw from its physical presence are vital to our existence. Unfortunately, our technological advancements sometimes affect our planet and wellbeing in negative ways. Whether caused by greed, negligence, or human error, the results of man made disasters can be devastating, often claiming numerous lives and irreparably damaging the environment.

“A Conversation with Consequence,” a series of oil and acrylic paintings by Emanuele Cacciatore, represents a dialog with man made disasters. Using maps and imagery of disaster sites from around the world, the artist recontextualizes these events—bringing them to our attention and reclaiming them as abstract works of art.

The gestural passages and forms in these paintings are constructed and discovered through accidental, intentional, and mechanical manipulation of the imagery and paint. Brushes, stencils, and masks, in conjunction with an array of industrial tools and various painting techniques, are implemented to create the artwork, reflecting concrete and ephemeral reorganization of both form and place.

on view now

Arne Schreiber: Your Stripes

My Stripes | Images | cv | press release April 23rd – May 5th, 2014 Opening Reception: April 23rd, 7-9pm Arne Schreiber, #484Z, 2014, Chalk Paint, 50x50com For “Your Stripes,” Schreiber’s floor drawing uses both the private, indoor space, as well as the public, outdoor space of the gallery as a reference upon which to […]


Hubert Dobler: Roundabout
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Emanuele Cacciatore: A Conversation with Consequence


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