Quarantine Jams: MANTIC TRIO

Quarantine Jams: MANTIC TRIO

THURSDAY, October 7th, 7:00PM

Quarantine Jams @ Open Source: 306 17th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Free to the Public (donations greatly encouraged)


MANTIC TRIO creates live, improvised, raw music that lands in places that are fresh, yet inevitable . . . after having journeyed through interesting and convulsive kingdoms.

This small army is comprised of Chris Moore, Rob Price and Lee Feldman and their spaceships are drums, guitar and keyboards. Part of the strength of Mantic Trio’s sound lies in the diverse backgrounds of these three players.


Manic Trio - Bandmembers in front of graffity wall.
Chris M, Rob P, Lee F


Lee Feldman has put out 4 critically acclaimed albums of songs. The songs reflect his varied interests and training: classical music, jazz, free improvisation, Borscht Belt humor, dream logic, and cohere into a singular aesthetic. 

He was briefly signed to Mercury Records, for whom he recorded his second album “The Man in a Jupiter Hat.” He is also the creator of STARBOY, an animated musical about a 2-dimensional superhero who lives with his uncle, a Mathematician.

Chris Moore started pounding drums at 15 years of age for influential Detroit-based hardcore / punk combo Negative Approach to which he still tours with to this date. Moore is also an award-winning songwriter, and singer and guitarist. His records embrace Folk, Rock, Pop and Blues; he will release his 9th record in 2021. Moore has collaborated in performance and recordings with a number of NY and Detroit based artists, musicians and theater companies over the years.

Rob Price used to be a classically trained violinist (who also dabbled in viola and piano), but became a guitarist after movingto New York City in 1990. He has played in numerous experimental and improvised music ensembles and was a founding member of the avant-rock band Dim Sum Clip Job, which recorded an albumfor John Zorn’s Avant label. Recently Price has been releasing recordings of his music, both composed and improvised, on his own Gutbrain Records label. He has performed at the What Is Jazz? Festival, the Boise Experimental Music Festival, the Boston Guitar Festival and plays frequently in the United States and in Canada.

top: Photo: Iki Nakagawa