Pop-Up Dinner: Freedom of speech is paramount

February 16, 2017
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The Open Source Pop-Up Dinner is a curated event that aims to bring the community together for excellent food, great wine, and discussion about the topic of the evening. The topic of this Pop-Up Dinner will be: Freedom of speech is paramount.

The theme of each dinner is taken from the 11 Commandments of the cHURCH OF MONIKA, a set of concepts that Open Source staff, board members and supporters view as important in community and art. Rather than having our commandments set in stone, these can (and have) changed over the years–and are always open to suggestions from our community.

This dinner will be hosted by Lisa Evreinoff Linker and Pim Zeegers, founder of Pim Philip Experiences, which provides custom travel and event experiences in NYC. Special guests Stacie Evans, Scott Lowe and Shane Mayack will be in attendance.

What’s for Dinner?
Mushroom and herb consommé
Ratatouille with potato, parsnip flowers and fresh salad
Winter apple orange tarts with Dutch dry fruit compote
*All courses are vegetarian*

How much does it cost?
$100 includes a prix fixe meal with wine pairings. All proceeds support free and low-cost programs at Open Source. Advance reservations are required. Make your reservation here!

Where is it?
The event will be held on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. On the day before the dinner, you will receive the exact location via e-mail.

Special guests:
Stacie Evans lives in Brooklyn, in a real “neighborhood neighborhood” where people ring the bell to borrow sugar or eggs and then leave fresh-baked cookies or a bottle of fancy olive oil or wine as a thank you. She is a four-time alum of VONA Voices, the only multi-genre workshop for writers of color. Stacie has told stories at How to Build a Fire, and is a frequent reader at Big Words, Etc. Stacie writes essays, stories, angry rants … and poems. She also writes and draws Adventures in Racism, a comic.

Scott Lowe is an HHMI Investigator, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Member, Cancer Biology and Genetics Program, Chairman of the Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center, and Professor, Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Scientific Advisor, Mirimus. His work focuses on characterizing tumor-suppressor networks and how mutations in network components influence tumorigenesis and resistance to chemotherapy. His goals are to identify new therapeutic targets and to develop more effective strategies for using existing cancer drugs in an individualized way. He received his Ph.D. from MIT and has received numerous awards including the Sydney Kimmel Foundation Scholar Award and the Paul Marks Prize for Cancer Research.

Shane Mayack is a scientist who was inspired to work on ways to remove barriers that exist in commercialization of scientific innovations, particularly those that could positively impact health, while working as Scientific Consultant/Project Manager at Cold Spring Harbor Labs. At CSHL, she worked directly with Dr. Jim Watson (discoverer of DNA and pioneer of the filed of Molecular Biology) on initiatives aimed at finding more treatments and cures for incurable cancer. She received her Ph. D. from UMASS Medical Center. She is a Founding Member & Scientific Advisor at Gene-Home Inc and the Executive Director of Ligo Project.

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