Michael Poetschko: Zona

Michael Poetschko: Zona

November 16 – December 7, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, November 16, 7–9PM
Closing Reception: Friday, December 7, 7-10PM

Michael Poetschko presents Zona, an on-going narrative multi-channel video project at Open Source Gallery.

An errant cartography. A missing establishing shot. A voice yet inaudible in the air.

The topological narrative follows the routes of an itinerant photographer and a young philosophy student, their searching movements in-between the fractures and folds of the spatio-temporal fabric of the contemporary city. These fragments started with a rereading of Andrei Tarkovsky and the brothers Strugacky’s concept of the zone, as depicted in their late 1970s science fiction script Сталкер (Stalker). We suggest that the zone — a structure outside and closed off in Сталкер — has now entered the very heart of the urban fabric. We aim to explore the precarity, porosity and violence of this biopolitical space-time, as an immanent part of the city, our bodies and desires. The narrative presents itself as an open structure, in which staged miniatures, image and sound collages, dialogue, and different searching movements meet each other; open, rampant, unresolved and contradictory — oscillating constantly between poetic meditation and discourse, diversion and gravity, quotation and philosophical speculation.

The project will be presented in stages of development throughout the three weeks of the exhibition, during which time Poetschko will continue editing on site and screening iterations of the work. The production of this project utilizes experimental ways of working together with an exchange of skills and knowledge outside of the commercial section.

Zona (Fragment I und II) / Experimental fiction / 3 channel (var.)
HD (1920×1080), 25p / color / 60’ (var.) / Austria 2011-2012

Michael Poetschko (Berlin, New York) explores narratives of living/laboring/traveling/resisting within post-fordist and transnational realities, working with experimental forms of filmmaking and installation. He is currently a studio fellow at the Whitney Museum of American Art ISP in New York City.

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