Melissa Diaz – Artist at Home (with an Audience)

Melissa Diaz – Artist at Home (with an Audience)

When: 9/22/2020, 7pm
Where: on ZOOM
Meeting ID: 868 6349 3559, Passcode: 155998

Melissa is a latinx artist, art therapist, professor of art therapy & community arts organizer. She integrates these roles by threading wellness and inclusion throughout. Melissa primarily works in interactive installation art, exploring of inner (intrapsychic) & outer space (interpsychic), while highlighting the power of playful engagement. In all areas she considers, growth, healing, transitional space, and community.

As both an artist and an art therapist, I consider space, relationships, and holding environment. My work is an ongoing exploration of inner and outer habitats that reflect elements of nature, growth, transition, and coexistence. I am interested in portraying the tension and ambiguity of micro and macro environments. Within these environments, I aim to form a transitional space that welcomes play and introspection. This space represents experience in between subjective and objective reality, a space of pure creativity and making of the imaginable, tangible.
While I organically inhabit this experience in the studio and therapeutic space, I hope to cultivate it further within the exhibition space. I do so by the use of whimsical arrangements, interactive elements, and choice of material. I invite the viewer to engage with the work with a sense of childlike curiosity and practice of active imagination. By utilizing found objects, scholastic and non-traditional material, I encourage accessibility and inclusion of art-making, demystifying of the artist, and transformative powers of creativity.
In my process, I practice art-making as a source of meditation, meditation that allows me to delve into intergenerational making and respectfully reappropriate the textile work of my ancestry. In this self-soothing state, I utilize repetition of form to create a rhythm and conceptually reflect how the individual pieces in a community can affect space, progress, and development. In creating these pieces, I imbue them with various healing energies that I need in that moment. My hope is that these energies vibrate to visitors, forming a relationship with the surroundings, individuals and paralleling my framework as an art therapist.

Moderated by Monika Wuhrer.

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