Wednesday, August 23, 7:00pm

Open Sound @ Open Source: 306 17th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215


Resonance is

Mara Rosenbloom – Piano
Sam Newsome – Soprano Saxophone
Andrew Drury – Drums

Pianist, composer, & bandleader Mara Rosenbloom has been called “a whole hearted poet of the piano,” – she is a builder & a synthesist; a fiercely lyrical composer & improviser (All About Jazz).

The New York Times has praised her penchant for “full-bore group improvising,” while The Chicago Reader has written that her ensemble “achieves an elusive chemistry and degree of spontaneous interaction that transcends mental boundaries.” With an interest in building community by encouraging honest expression and interactive dialogue through music – human connection has been a focus of Rosenbloom’s work throughout the past decade, and as a result, powerful group interaction has become a hallmark of Rosenbloom’s sound.

Tonight Rosenbloom is honored to share the stage with Sam Newsome on Soprano Saxophone, and Andrew Drury on Drums – two artists who are tireless in their pursuit of new sounds, and incredibly versatile as improvisers. All About Jazz has noted that “Newsome expands the sound of a single soprano into a one-man band,” and that “Andrew Drury is one of most innovative and bold drummers on the modern music scene.”