Koko + Open Source Family Sunday

Koko + Open Source Family Sunday

Join us on Family Sunday for Ahoy, Matey! at the Lot (1-3pm) and Juggling and Embroidery at Open Source (3-5pm)!

Juggling and Embroidery at Open Source

Where: Open Source Gallery (360 17th Street, Brooklyn)
When: Sunday, May 19th, 3-5pm


Bring your entire family and try your hand at juggling and make embroidery hoops out of recyclables in Monika Drożyńska’s exhibition, Latte Capitalizm: Letters as a Source of Resistance

Want to learn more about the exhibition? Check out our Press Release for Kids!

Ahoy, Matey! Nautical Puppet Fest

Where: At the KoKo Lot 440 19th Street (Brooklyn between 8th avenue and Prospect Park West)
When: Sunday, May 19th, 1-3pm
All Ages (Anyone under 18 must fill out a waiver)


For Kids 8 and older:

Whaleboats- A Puppetry Lab with Concrete Temple Theatre

Join Concrete Temple Theatre in “Ahoy, Matey!” a puppet workshop for out-of- the-box thinkers that will have participants bringing inanimate objects to life and creating magical wonders with just a bit of wood, string, and wire.

Participants in the workshop are exposed to different forms of puppetry as they create their own whaleboats* and bring them to life. Participants begin the workshop by learning about whales and writing simple stories, based on a common theme; they create a storyboard for the story, and then create the whaleboat drawn in the storyboard. The workshop culminates in a final presentation in which the participants share their stories.

*A whaleboat is a type of open boat that was once used for catching whales. Some whaleboats were launched from whaling ships.


For kids under 8:

Under the Sea…Cardboard & Me!

Join Heather Gobbée to create a variety of sea creatures real and imagined, using rescued materials and cardboard! Kiddos will explore how their creature moves, troubleshoot simple puppet mechanics and explore their creations through sound and environment. Participants are invited to bring their creatures to life for a closing share: performance or presentation.

. . . . . . . . . 

Concrete Temple Theatre, a world-renowned, multi-disciplinary company, creates devised visual theatre that challenges the traditional relationship between design and text. Since 2004, they have been recognized for their compelling new theatrical works, incorporating drama, dance, puppetry, music and the visual arts. Whether touring original works or presenting workshops Concrete Temple Theatre brings myth and ritual back to the center of dialogue, using their platform to address real issues affecting communities (grief, family relationships, environmental stewardship). Concrete Temple Theatre’s work has been presented in New York City, nationally and internationally and has had 3 critically acclaimed New York Off-Broadway productions.

Heather Gobbée has decades of experience teaching children Drama, Art and Movement. She is a founding member and puppeteer of the Blue Room Theater and Butcher Shop in Chico, CA.  Heather has studied puppetry with David Fino, Paul McGinnis, Pam Severns, Alex Griffin, Art Grueneberger, Stacey Gordon, and most recently Andrew Kim and Donovan Zimmerman. At present, Heather is working with Lee Armstrong and the local guild to host the SFBAPG 70th Anniversary, Northern CA Puppetry Festival in Sonoma, CA this August. A cardboard and masking tape creator extraordinaire!Heather brings her years of experience as a professional performer and educator using art, movement, improvisation, clown, and puppetry to this on land underwater adventure!