Creative After School Programs 2012/13
Fueled by the success of our popular soap box workshop and derby, we at Open Source have launched a series of new building and engineering classes as part of out new KOKO curriculum. As an artist and a parent myself, I believe it is important to nurture and fuel a child’s imaginations and creativity. By teaching in a small and open environment, children receive the special attention to flourish and develop their own senses of individuality through art and technology. We believe our program would be a good extracurricular for your students and would appreciate it if you would forward this email to the parents of your student body.

257 17th street, Brooklyn, NY 11215


BitBots Building Workshops

Ages 5-10, Time TBA

BitBots Building Workshop + Stop-Motion Film

Make something! Light it, push it, turn it, twist it, bend it, buzz it, blink it, shake it… and then make a film about it!

littleBits are simple electronic modules, each with specific functions, which can be snapped together with magnets to create large and elaborate circuits for prototyping and play. littleBits makes electronic engineering accessible to people of all ages whatever their skill level may be.
We will use materials such as play-doh, cardboard, legos, paper, and more to create sculptures that come to life when combined with the littleBits.
The 7 to 10 year-olds will also write a story bord and make a stop-motion film on the creation of their projects. ( TED talk )

1 Semester (1 hour/week)


Boats with Bo

Ages 8-12, Time TBA

“Optimists” are simple small jolly boats designed and built by the students.

A sink or swim workshop that explores the physics of boat building by creating fully functioning “Optimists,” easy to build boats used worldwide to teach children how to sail. Students will explore traditional and experimental methods based on their own sensibilities over the course of a year, which will culminate in field trips to put their creations to the test. We will be building boats mainly out of found materials in the spirit of the soap box summer camp.

Full Year (2 hours/week):
Sept – June


Alternative Energy from Scratch

Building windmill generators from cans and magnets.

Does your child disassemble toys and electronics to find out how they work? Experienced enineer and emerging artist Hubert Dobler will lead a class in building generators capable of producing their own energy using recycled household items.
Practical engeneering, physics and mechanical skills are explored in cooperation with ideas of conservation and renewable energy. The projects are very technical and help kids with specific interest in engineering to manifest and explore their passion.



on view now

Soup Kitchen 2017

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Pirmin Hagen
Tomás Rivas
Matthew Jensen
Xyza Bacani
Betty Yu
Khaled Jarrar
Immy Mali


2017 Exhibitions
Kimberly Mayhorn: Transcend
Reimagining Tradition
The Fire Theory: ICE
Sana Obaid: دیوار | De-war | Wall
10th Annual South Slope Derby
Andrew Snyder: 9 Meditations
Francesco Simeti: Swell
Liinu Grönlund: It could have been
The Middle Passage
Soup Kitchen 2016
2016 Exhibitions
Another Space: Permanent Construction
i Collective: Once Upon Unfolding Times
Dimensions Variable: Multidisciplinary
South Slope Derby 2016
Boa Mistura: Spread Love, It’s The Brooklyn Way
SiTE:LAB: Nothing Is Destroyed Transgression
Rawiya: In Her Absence I Created Her Image
HAI: Sole Exchange
Videokaffe: Para-sites & Proto-types
Prosjektrom Normanns: Transcendental Tactility
/rive: Anamorphosis
Soup Kitchen 2015
Mira Gaberova: Statue of Everything
Savas Boyraz: Back Drop
Cristian Bors & Marius Ritiu: Venus von Hamburg
Soap Box Derby 2015
Sara Morawetz: How the Stars Stand
Whitney Lynn: Rummage
Yun-Woo Choi: Endless, Seamless
Jasmine Murrell: Some Impossibility Without A Name
Tirtzah Bassel: I Want To Hold You Close
B. David Walsh: Extracted Bedroom Project
Lena Lapschina: Yes/No
Soup Kitchen 2014
Sofia Szamosi: Eat Me
Corina Reynolds: Northwestern Expansion
Emanuele Cacciatore: A Conversation with Consequence