On Saturday, June 13th we gathered at Plumb Beach at the Rockaways for our second annual Maiden Voyage!

The kids from the three sessions we had in our boat building workshop this past school year all joined us for a final boat derby to sail and race their creations.

From conception to construction, we are very proud of the kids for designing and building successful boats that sailed away from the beach that Saturday afternoon. It has been a privilege to watch the kids learn and grow over this year’s process of trial and error.

The second annual Maiden Voyage shared a lot of similarities with the first of our soap box derbies. As with the first few derbies, the Maiden Voyage was a gathering of close friends to celebrate the accomplishments of the children. It was fantastic to see the enthusiasm of everyone who participated in the event. After a year of working closely with these kids and watching them grow, it was a very proud moment for us to showcase how far they have come.

While we had several boats in the water on Saturday, we hope that one day the workshop will grow to be as large as soap box and that we may have an entire fleet!

During the school year our children’s program, KOKO Open Source, hosts a boat building workshop in which kids create row boats, canoes,rafts, and optimists , by their own design. Through a variety of lessons, students in the workshop develop skills in planning, engineering, and critical thinking. The boat building workshop culminates with a Maiden Voyage in which the kids put their creations to the ultimate test- going out on the water! Family and friends are invited to join students on the maiden voyage to celebrate their accomplishments!