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Ethan Crenson: Trojan Purse | Trojan Purse on Brownstoner | The Intersection of Art and Collaboration | Build-A-Fort

September 17-25, 2016

Ethan Crenson: Trojan Purse
September 17, 18, 24, 25
Prospect Park (Check our Twitter for location updates!)

During the 1st ARTslope Festival Ethan Crenson will present Trojan Purse, a moveable sculpture. The political theater will happen September 17,18, 24 and 25 in Prospect Park.

Trojan Purse is a twelve foot tall wooden purse on wheels which can be rolled to various locations around the park over the course of the event. The purse will stand alone as an impressively-scaled sculpture and it will be moved around as conspicuous political theater performance. Trojan Purse has existed in three previous iterations. The first, in 2004, was built for an exhibition at Voorkamer Gallery in Lier, Belgium. The second, in 2005, was paraded through the streets of the East Village as a part of the Howl Festival for an exhibition organized by Art in Odd Places. The third, in 2007, was constructed for the exhibition Manipulations at Texas Tech University.



The Intersection of Art and Collaboration
September 24
Dweck Auditorium (10 Grand Army Plaza)

“The Intersection of Art and Collaboration” is a panel discussion during Art Slope that will be moderated by Donny Levit (Park Slope Stoop) and panelists will include George Del Barrio, Sean Qualls, A. E. Souzis, Dale Williams and Monika Wuhrer.

Since 2008, Open Source has been dedicated to exploring the social change that can be enacted through communities formed around art. We realize that art is not only important within communities, but community is also critical to art-making. In 2016, our goal has been to further our mission by exhibiting artist collectives and artist-run spaces from around the world to engage the neighborhood in conversation about how art can not only generate communities, but how it can also be a catalyst for social and political change. “The Intersection of Art and Collaboration” is a panel discussion with local artists that will explore how artists’ processes change and grow during collaboration, the role of art-making in community and the role of community in art-making.


September 24
Old Stone House

KOKO Open Source will present a FREE building workshop at the Old Stone House as part of the first ever Art Slope Festival!

In the spirit of our new Build-A-House Workshop, KOKO Open Source will be hosting a drop-in building workshop where kids will help us build a fort over the course of a day! During Build-A-House, children draw up their own plans, cut their own lumber and install their own environmentally sustainable plumbing and heating systems by getting creative-these systems might collect rainwater, pull energy from the sun with homemade solar panels or harness the power of wind. The structure built by the kids this fall will house our bicycle generators and building equipment over the winter. The project will will be open to the public at various times as an installation that reflects the sustainable and creative possibilities within our neighborhood!

on view now

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