How To Build A Fire

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Beginning in March 2014, poet Terence Degnan curates and hosts “How to Build a Fire: Advancing the Oral Tradition”, a storytelling series at Open Source Gallery, which takes place on the last Thursday of every month through March of 2015.

New York City has seen its share of storytelling series over the years. From The Moth, to Long Story Long, to How I Learned, and everything-in-between, New Yorkers have been upholding the “spoken tradition” since the inception of the boroughs, themselves.

In How to Build a Fire, Terence Degnan explores the course of the narrative, not only as it is heard, but also as it experiences its reiterations.

The title lends itself to two binding concepts: That language, in its primitive forms, must have been used to “pass on” the vital information of fire-starting from one generation to the next; that one story can bind an audience and possibly bolster our common threads.

Each months sees four storytellers (or stories), who will weave tales, ad hoc. Playwrights, actors, poets, bartenders, artists, doctors, social workers, psychologists, barbers, skaters, politicians, and community members from all walks of life will be asked to tell their pivotal tales. Storytellers are not asked to memorize and recite their accounts. “Truth” is not empirical to the stories themselves, as many truths bend with time, and many stories surprise their tellers. Some stories may be told by dual participants in alternating dialogue (spouses, siblings, etc.), whom lived them out; to explore how many narratives can have complex, and oftentimes hilarious, truths.

Storytellers invite their friends, kindred workmates, and families to come listen. In this manner, the oral tradition has an opportunity to advance. An audience is an intricate member of our modern-day folktales. What an audience hears, a borough can know. What a borough knows can become a thread in our braided history, if we tell it well.

Terence Degnan is a poet in Brooklyn. He sometimes edits books of poems for Sock Monkey Press. He’s published a book, and written and released a play. His voice can be heard in a few spoken word albums released in 2006 and 2008. Another book of poems by Terence, entitled “Still Something Rattles” will be released in 2014. He lives in Park Slope with his wife and daughter.

If you have a good story to tell, and would like to participate, contact the gallery for more details.

Bronze Casting: The Luted Crucible method

Some Assembly Required | Images | Bronze Casting Workshop | Press Release

A bronze casting workshop will be offered in conjunction with Some Assembly Required.


Learn bronze casting via the “Luted-crucible” method. Piers Watson will teach a workshop in the method, that differs from all other bronze casting methods, in that it can be done with natural materials; no refined materials of any kind are needed. Watson learned the technique in India and has perfected it at his studio near Toulouse.

The method is described by Katherine F. Hacker in her article “Traveling Objects: Brass Images, Artisans, and Audiences”: “…Small [clay] bowls…are filled with scrap metal, and then attached directly to the clay-coated wax forms…At the end of the firing process when the craftsman takes each object out of the fire, he quickly inverts it, allowing the molten metal to run down into the cavity created by the lost wax.”
The workshop will involve three short classes during which students will sculpt their wax models and prepare them for casting. The final class will take place outside the city (carpooling can be arranged) during which Watson will oversee the casting of the students’ pieces in a wood-fired foundry constructed expressly for this workshop. Each student will make one bronze artwork weighing 150- 300 grams (the weight of the final cast object will depend on the number of students participating in the workshop).

The workshop will take place the evenings of February 11th, 12th, 13th at Open Source Gallery from 7-9pm. The final casting will take place Saturday, February 15th in upstate New York. Contact Ethan Crenson ( for more information. Limit 12 students.
Cost of the workshop is $175 and includes materials. Downpayment is $50.

The workshop is currently full. To be placed on the waiting list please email Ethan Crenson

Contact Ethan Crenson for more information.


Jan 30th, 7:30 pm


We are pleased to announce the screening of LUCKY, a documentary by Laura Checkoway.

Spanning five years on the streets of NYC, this intimate story of survival follows Lucky Torres, a homeless mother masked in tattoos who longs to rise from a life of darkness.


December 8: 6pm -10pm

some winters it snows confetti

Photo by Miho Suzuki

Dear supporters,

Each year in December we host a fundraiser for Open Source Gallery.

This year’s fundraiser will include an art auction, which artist Miho Suzuki has initiated. All proceeds from the art auction will go to Open Source’s general fund, which allows us to provide year-round exhibitions, lectures, and events for the public.

This year’s fundraiser will be on December 8, 2013.

6pm: Doors open, bidding starts.
7pm: Dinner starts, bidding continues.

Tickets are $40.00 with dinner and drinks included.

RSVP at:

The following artists have donated work:

Amanda Alic
Tom Bovo
Sara Buchard
Emanuele Cacciatore
Ethan Crenson
Leigh Davis
David D’Ostilio
Hubert Dobler
Michael Duva
Peter Fox
James Leonard
Alise Loebelsohn
Sascha Mallon
Steve Mallon
Felipe Mujica
Francesco Simeti
Jeremy Slater
Mark Stillwell
Miho Suzuki
Kathleen Vance
Cibele Vieira
Larry Walczak
Mika Yokobori
Daniel Zeller

images of some of the artwork

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idBrooklyn Identity Workshop

Thursday Oct 24th, 6-9pm

idBrooklyn Workshop Teaser

Come along to the Identity Workshop on Oct 24th at Open Source Gallery!

idBrooklyn is a large-scale design project aimed at creating the graphic identity of Brooklyn through your participation.

An idBrooklyn workshop is an informal group exploration of what Brooklyn means to you. Anything goes. A song, a childhood memory, an anecdote from this morning, a joke, a doodle—there’s no wrong answer.

As Brooklynites and Brooklyn-lovers, idBrooklyn wants to tap into the borough´s pulse and make it the world’s first community branded by participatory design. There goal is to create simple and attractive icons that will visually explain the unique cultural facets of Brooklyn. They want this graphic identity to be something enjoyed by all, not an abstract logo that says nothing and that nobody can relate with.

idBrooklyn is a group of artists and icon-designers who also happen to be branding professionals. They are experts in iconic and cultural branding and have designed for everything from the iconic identity of Argentina the cultural identity of Berlin.

“me, us, (play)” by Kate Lee and Yuki Kawahisa with music by Brendan Burke

Photo by Miho Suzuki

Miho Suzuki’s sentiment of ‘kids at play’ and ‘spontaneous theater’ are the concepts behind “me, us, (play)”. Theater and performance is deeply rooted in a sense of play. Such processes like Drama in Education tap into the notion that play is considered a significant learning medium for children, with effects seen in literacy development and social interactions. This live performance merges and diverges from the exhibition ‘Our Children Today’. The performers re-create Suzuki’s images from the book in real time. They aim to tap into the spontaneous playful worlds of children by exploring how these worlds are inhabited by adults. The notion of spontaneity is explored in real time. Yet the contradiction is that the sense of play is contrived for the theatrical event.

Our question then is, how is the “play” interpreted when it is performed by adults?

Margaret Leng Tan

In Conjunction with Our Children Today Margaret Leng Tan will give a concert on toy piano and toy instruments on Friday, October 18th at 7.30 pm. Don’t miss this unique performance by Park Slope resident and “queen of the toy piano” (The New York Times)!

Suggested donation is $15 at the door. For reservations please email with the subject line: Margaret Leng Tan

Photo by Michael Dames

Margaret Leng Tan has established herself as a major force within the American avant-garde as a visionary pianist whose work sidesteps perceived artificial boundaries within the usual concert experience and creates a new level of communication with listeners.

Embracing aspects of theater, choreography, performance and even “props” such as the teapot she “plays” in Alvin Lucier’s Nothing is Real, Tan has brought to the avant-garde, a measure of good old-fashioned showmanship tempered with a disciplinary rigor inherited from her mentor John Cage. This has won Tan acceptance far beyond the norm for performers of avant-garde music, as she is regularly featured at international festivals, records often for adventurous labels such as Mode and New Albion and has appeared on American public television, at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.

The collaboration between Margaret Leng Tan’s toy piano performance and Miho Suzuki’s photography is meant to create a surreal and nostalgic experience that will touch the audience as they are swept away by the magic of the toy piano.

Sock Monkey Presents: Poetry

Thursday, September 26, 2013, 7:30pm

Nicole Hefner Callihan
Jack Wilson
Terence Degnan

and special guest youth poet:
Margaret Coe

Hosted by: Scott Adkins

The Tittanno Beast vs The Super Force

October 26th and 27th: 2-6pm
Performance/play with participants on Halloween, Location to be determined.
Workshop with Children 8-50 years old. Maximum 8 kids.
Free, but RSV with subject line “The Tittanno Beast vs The Super Force”.

The collective known as “The Tittanno Beast vs The Super Force” will be offering a monster and robot costume making workshop. We will help those who are participating in the workshop to create monster and robot costumes that are influenced by Japanese Giant monster movies, Power Rangers, and Japanese animation made from cardboard and other recycled materials. The costume making workshop will take place both the Saturday and the Sunday before Halloween. The participants are invited to be involved in a street performance involving the costumes that we have created and noise making sonic swords that are created by Ethan Crenson which will take place around at 8 pm on Halloween night.


eL Paper: DE-Tour

August 17th – 18th
Opening Reception: 7,30 PM
Gallery hours during the weekend: 12 to 8PM

eL Paper Magazine is pleased to invite you to its special activities during The DE-Tour show at Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn.

Following the concept of drifting, as proposed by Situationist thinker and writer Guy Debord, (e)L Paper Magazine invited artists, writers, architects, and photographers to undertake their own detours (alone, or in groups of two or three), leaving behind routines and daily obligations. Remnants of this experiences have been displayed in the magazine and will be shown in the exhibition.

Saturday, August 17th

4,30 PM. Sketchwalk. New York Urban Sketchers Walk led by landscape architect Richard Alomar. Bring your pens and notebooks.

7,30 PM Opening of the DE-Tour exhibition show and magazine release. Artworks by Alyssa Casey, Iliana García, Itzy Ramírez, James Prez, Janna Dyk/Meaghan Ritchey/Cein Watson, José María Ibañez, Kentaro Fujioka, Macarena Jofré & Danilo Osorio, Marie Christine Katz, Matti Havens & Billy Friebele, Miguel Luciano, Priscilla Stadler, Susan Rippberger.

Reception to follow with:
“Drifting through Concrete”, performance by Susan Rippberger.
And a monologue reading by Jason Wachtelhausen.

Sunday, August 18th
2 to 7PM, bookbinding workshop

All the activities are free and open to the community and will take place at Open Source

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Katerina Marcelja: Fragment Series

Note: The Gallery is closed until April 18th, but you can still see “Fragment Series” by appointment. March 8th – April 11th, 2014 Opening Reception: March 8th, 7pm-9pm Katerina Marcelja presents “Fragment Series,” an exhibition of prints for Open Source Gallery. In “Fragment Series,” Marcelja works with clusters of graphic sequences etched on multiple plates. […]


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