Soup Kitchen

The 7th Annual Open Source Soup Kitchen will commence this December 1st at Open Source Gallery.
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We are seeking artists, cooks, friends, and neighbors to join us for a month of cooking, eating, sharing, and celebrating. For as many nights of the month as we have volunteers, we will provide the cookware and utensils and the volunteer chef will be responsible for the “one-pot meal” of the night. We welcome all kinds of unique dishes from any ethnic tradition. Volunteers should cook a meal for approximately 15-20 people, which will be served between 7:00 and 9:00pm. Usually dishes are a “one-pot meal,” a soup or stew.

Those who are interested should sign up to reserve a night or to receive more information.

The cook of the night is also responsible for providing an artistic element to incorporate into the evening. In the past, participants have displayed photographs on the walls, transformed the space into a winter-wonderland, read monologues, or played music. Those who attend the soup kitchen vary from neighbors to artists to others who are down on their luck or simply hungry. Not a traditional soup kitchen, this event focuses on conversation, community, and art.

Sometimes the conversation flows easily, and sometimes not, but the food is nearly always tasty (it’s New York, after all – we have standards!). So join us for good food, good art, and good conversation and bring all your friends and neighbors!

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Dec 2: Sarah Ryan and Anna McMahon
The floral gift: in search for the meaningful

In ‘The floral gift: in search for the meaningful’ Sarah Ryan and Anna McMahon use the lost language of flowers to create a dinner setting and experience where participants are asked to seek and interpret new and old forms of meaningful expression. You’re invited to join the artists for an exotic pineapple soup and good conversation in their quest for the meaningful.
Sarah Ryan and Anna McMahon are both visiting artists from Australia.

Dec 6: Pickles / Stories / Songs: A dinner after a family workshop with the Bulgarian Collaborative

The Bulgarian Collaborative, image from workshop at the Queens Museum, NYC, 2013

Dec 12: Hank Linhart will show an excerpt of his film Many Moons Ago…
and Lily White will provide dinner

Still: Many Moons Ago…

Dec 18: Selina Alko and Sean Qualls
Soup Kitchen Dinner Invitation
presented by InspireCorps + Radar Curatorial
Dinner donated by Naturally Delicious Caterers

Illustrator/author team Selina Alko and Sean Qualls are bringing their work to the Open Source Gallery Soup Kitchen Project. Stop by for a meal.


Selina Alko and Sean Qualls are an illustrator/author team living in Brooklyn, New York with their two children. Selina Alko is the author and illustrator of several acclaimed books for children, including DADDY CHRISTMAS & HANUKKAH MAMA and B IS FOR BROOKLYN. Sean Qualls has illustrated many celebrated books for children, including GIANT STEPS TO CHANGE THE WORLD by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee, LITTLE CLOUD AND LADY WIND by Toni Morrison and her son Slade, DIZZY by Jonah Winter, and BEFORE JOHN WAS A JAZZ GIANT by Carole Boston Weatherford, for which Sean received a Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor.

Selina Alko and Sean Qualls are perfect examples of artists whose bravery and talent help children and adults alike to see and understand the world around them. An interracial couple raising bi-racial children in Brooklyn, Selina and Sean collaborated on an upcoming book, THE CASE FOR LOVING: THE FIGHT FOR INTERRACIAL MARRIAGE, a picture book that explores the landmark case of Richard and Mildred Loving, who fought and won to end the prohibition against interracial marriage in 1967.

Event presented by InspireCorps and Radar Curatorial. InspireCorp‘s mission is to link artists with schools and other institutions to inspire children and adults to freely express themselves be it through words, art, movement or music. Radar Curatorial is an arts curatorial team based in Brooklyn.

Food for the evening generously donated by Naturally Delicious Caterers

Dec 19: Miho Suzuki and Nancy Cross Schimmel

Open Source_bazar-1
There are ways to offload your unwanted gifts without ruffling relatives’ feathers. Please come with gifts to the Soup Kitchen and enjoy Nancy Cross Schimmel’s food and her friends from Argentina, the inspiration for this year’s meal. Soup kitchen and bazar will take place on the 19th of December.
Ethan Crenson aka DJ 78rpm will spin same great records.

Dec 23: Patricia Watwood and Stefan Hagen

Patricia Watwood and Stefan Hagen will be showing their collaborative work with “Scenes of a Pilgrimage.”


Live Streaming Kickstarter

Kickstarter | Programs to be live streamed | Rewards

“Art is not just creating and presenting objects; it is about how we live among each other.” – Open Source Gallery Executive Director Monika Wuhrer, New York Times, 2014

At Open Source, our goal is to make art a part of the everyday lives of the community by creating accessible programming. We plan to use Kickstarter funds to support live streaming for all of our events so you can engage with our programs no matter where you are!

We realize that while we do our best to make all our programming accessible, our events do not fit into everyone’s busy schedules. By both broadcasting our events live online and including video from these events in an archive on our website, we can ensure that our programs are truly open source!

Livestream has been used by many community initiatives such as Occupy Wall Street and the People’s March for Climate Change — we want to become a part of the community and use the power of technology to create a global community and an accessible conversation.

$3000 will support a 2 year membership for, as well as equipment to record and stream all of our events live online — that means you can watch any events that you are unable to attend at Open Source from the comfort of your home with no ads and no log-in for required. Open Source will be able to have unlimited storage and viewers, so all of our events will be available to everyone, unlimited embedding, an unlimited archive of videos, and live blogging tools.

Help us to make our programming truly open source for all!

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Soup Kitchen

The 7th Annual Open Source Soup Kitchen will commence this December 1st at Open Source Gallery. Sign up We are seeking artists, cooks, friends, and neighbors to join us for a month of cooking, eating, sharing, and celebrating. For as many nights of the month as we have volunteers, we will provide the cookware and […]


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