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March 18, 2017

Nia & Ness during "The City is Our Playground," an evening of performance inspired by i Collective, 2016

Nia & Ness during “The City is Our Playground,” an evening of performance inspired by i Collective, 2016

Wander is an afternoon of performance inspired by artist, Liinu Grönlund. Based in Helsinki, Finland, Grönlund works with video and film, with an interest in remoteness and extremes, collaborating with scientists, and wandering in disappearing worlds. THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE will present works from artists of different disciplines that connect with the themes in this exhibition, immersed in the exhibit itself.

5th Digit Dance (dance)
Caylee Shimizu (dance)
Joe Monteleone (dance)
Jonathan Doherty (video)
Marissa Hutton (dance)
Nia & Ness (dance + spoken word)
Omer Ephron (dance)
Sarah Nagle & Justin Ross (dance)

Each artist will perform in two of the three sessions: 2:00pm, 3:30pm and 5:00pm. Space is very limited, given the intimate nature of the venue. Consider purchasing tickets in advance. Buy your ticket here!

SESSION 1 | 2:00PM
5th Digit Dance
Joe Monteleone
Jonathan Doherty
Nia & Ness
Omer Ephron
Sarah Nagle & Justin Ross

SESSION 2 | 3:30PM
5th Digit Dance
Caylee Shimizu
Joe Monteleone
Jonathan Doherty
Marissa Hutton
Nia & Ness

SESSION 3 | 5:00PM
Caylee Shimizu
Joe Monteleone
Jonathan Doherty
Marissa Hutton
Omer Ephron
Sarah Nagle & Justin Ross

Artist talk with Liinu Grönlund

It could have been | Press release | Artist talk

February 27, 2017


Join us for an artist talk with Liinu Grönlund about her current exhibit at Open Source, It could have been.

It could have been is a video essay; an associative collection of ideas, diary notes and dreamy images combining environmental issues and politics of recent years. The rat, an animal that is controversial, hated, feared and scientifically-used, is in the spotlight. Grönlund became interested in rats after reading The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History, a book in which author Elizabeth Kolbert explores human influence on the climate and environment. Over the history of the planet, there have been five major mass extinctions where the biodiversity was suddenly decimated. We are currently in the midst of the sixth mass extinction: the largest since the event that killed the dinosaurs. Throughout history rats have proven to be an effective colonizer, flourishing in each new environment they find and destroying endemic species populations while propagating at rapid rates.

Today corruption and imbalance of power across the globe are painfully obvious dilemmas, yet peace agreements, equality and climate change solutions still seem unreachable. Inspired by rats’ talent for survival and their similarities to humans, It could have been explores the dark fantasy of rats inheriting the earth from humans. Grönlund has spent time observing rats’ behavior, witnessing for herself the adaptability, empathy and intelligence that researchers have shown them to possess. She explores ideas about how to transfer knowledge to another species, reading from her favorite authors to the rats in an effort to make the information immortal. It could have been connects humanity to the natural world, intertwining our future and current events to other possibilities. Linking an alternate history–or prediction of the future–to a feeling of powerlessness, It could have been questions if there is still time and ways to create something alternative, something entirely new, to replace our violent man-made systems that destroy both biodiversity and humanity?

Liinu Grönlund (b. 1984) is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Helsinki. She received her MA in documentary film from the University of Art and Design (Helsinki) and an MFA from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Grönlund’s work often takes the form of a poetic film that combine personal experiences, politics and history. She is interested in remoteness and extremes, working together with scientists and activists. Her work has been exhibited at places such as Galleria Huuto (Finland), Finnish Museum of Photography (Finland, curated by Boshko Boskovic) and Studio Voltaire (UK, curated by Jennifer Higgie and Rebecca Warren) among others. Her work has been shown at festivals such as the Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival (Finland), Tampere Film Festival (Finland), Wild-screen (Ireland) and the Yebizo International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions (Japan, curated by Junya Yamamine) among others. Grönlund’s film about scientists working in the vanishing forests of Madagascar will premier in May 2017. In Fall 2017, Grönlund will begin an artist residency with Triangle Arts.

This exhibition is kindly supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, AVEK Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.


People’s State of the Union

USDAC | RSVP on Action Network | Facebook Event

February 2, 2016


In January of most years, the President delivers a State of the Union Address highlighting the past year and suggesting priorities for the coming year. It’s a broadcast from one to many. But democracy is a conversation, not a monologue. Understanding the state of our union takes We the People reflecting in our own communities on our challenges and opportunities locally, nationally, and globally.

Since 2015, the USDAC has hosted the People’s State of the Union as an invitation to supplement the President’s stories by coming together in our own homes, schools, houses of worship, and community organizations to share our own take on the state of our union. More than 120 communities have taken part for each of the last two years.

The People’s State of the Union has two main parts: Story Circles across the nation, and a collaboratively composed Poetic Address to the Nation. Story Circles bring people together to share stories from their own experience. Stories are uploaded to an online story portal where they can be shared and browsed. Then—inspired by these stories—an invited group of poets collaboratively composes the Poetic Address to the Nation, performed and broadcast live. This year, Story Circles will take place nationwide from January 27-February 5, 2017. The Poetic Address will be hosted by the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on Saturday, March 11, 2017.

Pop-Up Dinner: Freedom of speech is paramount

February 16, 2017
Make your reservation here!


The Open Source Pop-Up Dinner is a curated event that aims to bring the community together for excellent food, great wine, and discussion about the topic of the evening. The topic of this Pop-Up Dinner will be: Freedom of speech is paramount.

The theme of each dinner is taken from the 11 Commandments of the cHURCH OF MONIKA, a set of concepts that Open Source staff, board members and supporters view as important in community and art. Rather than having our commandments set in stone, these can (and have) changed over the years–and are always open to suggestions from our community.

This dinner will be hosted by Lisa Evreinoff Linker and Pim Zeegers, founder of Pim Philip Experiences, which provides custom travel and event experiences in NYC. Special guests Stacie Evans, Scott Lowe and Shane Mayack will be in attendance.

What’s for Dinner?
Mushroom and herb consommé
Ratatouille with potato, parsnip flowers and fresh salad
Winter apple orange tarts with Dutch dry fruit compote
*All courses are vegetarian*

How much does it cost?
$100 includes a prix fixe meal with wine pairings. All proceeds support free and low-cost programs at Open Source. Advance reservations are required. Make your reservation here!

Where is it?
The event will be held on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. On the day before the dinner, you will receive the exact location via e-mail.

Special guests:
Stacie Evans lives in Brooklyn, in a real “neighborhood neighborhood” where people ring the bell to borrow sugar or eggs and then leave fresh-baked cookies or a bottle of fancy olive oil or wine as a thank you. She is a four-time alum of VONA Voices, the only multi-genre workshop for writers of color. Stacie has told stories at How to Build a Fire, and is a frequent reader at Big Words, Etc. Stacie writes essays, stories, angry rants … and poems. She also writes and draws Adventures in Racism, a comic.

Scott Lowe is an HHMI Investigator, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Member, Cancer Biology and Genetics Program, Chairman of the Geoffrey Beene Cancer Research Center, and Professor, Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Scientific Advisor, Mirimus. His work focuses on characterizing tumor-suppressor networks and how mutations in network components influence tumorigenesis and resistance to chemotherapy. His goals are to identify new therapeutic targets and to develop more effective strategies for using existing cancer drugs in an individualized way. He received his Ph.D. from MIT and has received numerous awards including the Sydney Kimmel Foundation Scholar Award and the Paul Marks Prize for Cancer Research.

Shane Mayack is a scientist who was inspired to work on ways to remove barriers that exist in commercialization of scientific innovations, particularly those that could positively impact health, while working as Scientific Consultant/Project Manager at Cold Spring Harbor Labs. At CSHL, she worked directly with Dr. Jim Watson (discoverer of DNA and pioneer of the filed of Molecular Biology) on initiatives aimed at finding more treatments and cures for incurable cancer. She received her Ph. D. from UMASS Medical Center. She is a Founding Member & Scientific Advisor at Gene-Home Inc and the Executive Director of Ligo Project.

KOKO Open House

January 28, 2016
239 17th St., Brooklyn


Don’t miss one of KOKO’s most exciting events of the year! On January 28th come see what the kids in the Build-A-House Workshop have been creating all semester: their very own house!

This group of kids, all under the age of 12, have been working extremely hard throughout the semester to create a structure made out of repurposed materials. They have gone through every step from drawing up plans to cutting their own lumber.

Come show your support for these children and your local community by walking through our open house, which so wonderfully reflects the creative and sustainable possibilities of our Brooklyn neighborhood.

Annual Open Source Fundraiser

Open Source Fundraiser | TICKETS! | Art for Auction | Guest Speakers | New Space Announcement | Facebook Event

December 9, 2016
Buy tickets here!


Join us to celebrate another great year and an exciting programming schedule to come–2017 will be bigger and better than ever!

Each year our annual fundraiser has a greater impact on our programming than the last. This year’s fundraiser will include food, drinks, a silent auction of artwork and special guests: curator Omar López-Chahoud (Untitled) and Elise Long (Spoke the Hub)!

Our silent auction will include work by Josef Albers, Francesco Simeti, Tanya Habjouqa, Anja Matthes, Ethan Crenson and many more!

Our goal is to raise $20,000 to support our 2017 programming!

Our 2017 schedule will include exhibitions by: Liinu Grönlund, Francesco Simeti, Sana Obaid, Andrew Snyder, Omar López-Chahoud and Kimberly Mayhorn

This past year saw amazing exhibitions by art collectives, art groups and artist-run spaces from across the globe including: Rawiya (Middle East), guerilla-art.mx (Mexico), i Collective (Germany), Another Space (Denmark), Healing Arts Initiative (NYC), Dimensions Variable (Florida), Prosjektrom Normanns (Norway), /rive (NYC), SiTE:LAB (Michigan), Videokaffe (Finland) and Boa Mistura (Spain). We presented public art projects by Boa Mistura, Yescka and Ethan Crenson. Panel discussions explored themes from representations in the Middle East to art and collaboration to stigma of mental illness. Our children’s workshops helped kids to create soap box cars, boats, skateboards, forts, greenhouses, robots and more–and our arts education program made appearances at the World Maker Faire, Emoticon, Art Slope and the Brooklyn Public Library!

A big thank you to this year’s sponsors: Associated Market, Big Nose Full Body, Trader Joe’s and Warsteiner

Early bird tickets will be available until December 1st. Can’t make it to the fundraiser? Donate here!

Performance by Melodie Mousset and Artist Talk by Owen Armour

Another Space: Permanent Construction | Performance and Artist Talk | Press Release | Installation Images | In Contemporary Art Stavanger


Join us for a performance by Melodie Mousset and artist talk by Owen Armour in conjunction with Another Space’s “Permanent Construction” (on view at Open Source through December 1).

MELODIE MOUSSET has been working on her project, which is still ongoing, since 2011. She uses her own body as the center of an intensive process of mapping, indexing, investigating and narrativizing a self that always seems to be metamorphosing and slipping out into different forms as she attempts to take ownership of it. The project began with her mother’s potentially hereditary schizophrenia; as a way for Mousset to preemptively disassemble and to construct a new self, free of genetic and emotional baggage. Her organs are scanned in a prestigious medical institution in Geneva and reproduced, first as data, then as 3D printed models, then cast in wax and bronze and finally chiseled in marble. They become props and talismans that Mousset carries around with her as she departs the French port of Le Havre for Oaxaca, embarking upon a journey of self-discovery and recovery. When making a self, boundaries become fluid, the body expands. Insides and outsides, body and landscape, mother and daughter are confused and switched around. Things begin to look like each other: the smooth curves of a bell pepper at the Oaxaca market, the creases of her wax organs, the folding walls of a moist and dark cave.

In OWEN ARMOUR’s intervention the human figure also makes an appearance, but it is anonymous and hardly recognizable. We are only able to detect the traces of it as an amorphous cavity lodged in concrete. Armour’s work obliquely references the context outside of the gallery doors: New York City as the definite permanent construction site amidst property booms and tax abatements. It also engages with one of the materials that makes up so much of our urban environment. The installation, which consists of a second false floor, is a site for several actions: the first is by a body as it hits wet concrete; the second is by audience members as they begin to walk onto it. Merging the processes of construction and destruction, the gradual disintegration of brittle concrete also becomes an opportunity for new things to come into view. Looking at the literal and material traces of the ways that we imprint ourselves in the world and in our environment, Armour’s work suggests that such acts of construction cannot be understood without their corollary: the act of destruction.

The Super Defense Force vs The Titanno Beasts

The Super Defense Force vs The Titanno Beasts | Facebook Event

October 29, 2016
239 17th St. (Brooklyn, NY)


Join us for a free Halloween workshop for families with artist Mark Stilwell!

The Super Defense Force vs The Titanno Beasts is an ongoing series of collaborative multimedia performances involving costumes of robots and monsters made from cardboard and recycled materials. The costume creators of the performance will be leading the second costume making workshop at the KOKO workshop space where children along with their parents are invited to build robots, monsters, or any kind of creation using cardboard and recycled materials. All materials will be provided but participants are welcome to bring any materials that they would like to incorporate.

The workshop will take place at: 239 17th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Mark Stilwell creates installations of painted cardboard relief and sculptural figures of aggressive children and monsters arranged in mass on the walls and floors in various configurations. His work has been presented at Open Source Gallery, Front Room Gallery, Pratt Institute and the Brooklyn Museum among many others.

Being Neighborly

October 20, 2016

Bring-da-Beach-ta-da-Hood 8.5x11

Join us on the third Thursday of every month for Being Neighborly, a project led by artist and curator Francis Palazzolo.

During this project Palazzolo engages local artists who confront marginalization and stigmatization on a daily basis around the concept of “Being Neighborly.” This project brings diverse people together to learn from each other through the process of organizing art. Two Brooklyn based non-profits, the Baltic Street Resource and Wellness Center and the Open Source Gallery support the effort by donating studio space, art supplies and a place to exhibit art. The goal is for participants to gain agency, voice and information in their neighborhoods. Hence, local artists reach-out and organize their neighbors; together they connect through art at these locations on Thursdays & Saturdays.

Collaborators in this project include artists and curators affected by the collapse of the Healing Arts Initiative (HAI) Studio & Gallery earlier this year. A testament to the power of community and art, the group is reorganizing, moving forward and bringing their talents and perspective to South Slope to generate conversation about art-making. Materials such as paper, pencils, sharpeners and erasers are provided.

Pop-Up Dinner: Exclusive Art Limits Growth

October 19, 2016
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The Open Source Pop-Up Dinner is a curated event that aims to bring the community together for excellent food, great wine, and discussion about the topic of the evening. The topic of this Pop-Up Dinner will be: Exclusive art limits growth.

The theme of each dinner is taken from the 11 Commandments of the cHURCH OF MONIKA, a set of concepts that Open Source staff, board members and supporters view as important in community and art. Rather than having our commandments set in stone, these can (and have) changed over the years–and are always open to suggestions from our community.

This dinner will be hosted by Lisa Evreinoff Linker and Pim Zeegers, founder of Pim Philip Experiences, which provides custom travel and event experiences in NYC. Special guests Owen Armour and Hubert Dobler will be in attendance.

Owen Armour works at the tense edge of sound and sculpture. He welds these mediums into an indistinguishable third mode. Armour is interested in subtle acoustics changes in space, both real and imaginary. He also experiments with pressure as he uses his body to mold materials like concrete, ceramics and metal. Armour is a Swedish-Australian artist who lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Recently he has exhibited internationally at Vermilion Sands, Copenhagen; Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival, Canada; New Jörg, Vienna; Officin, Copenhagen; ReMap 4, Athens; The Lot, Antechamber, Copenhagen; peinture et sculpture, Copenhagen; and Sejerø Festival, Denmark. His recent residencies include Artspace Sydney, CPH AIR, Copenhagen; and Banff Centre, Canada. His work will be included in the upcoming “Permanent Construction” exhibit at Open Source Gallery.

Abstraction at the intersection of technology and art, Hubert Dobler’s work uses chaos and masculine tools, such as motorcycles, chainsaws and concrete drums, recording the marks these machines generate when allowed to exist outside their traditional use. Roaring, bucking and crashing, his machines highlight the power and energy trapped inside everyday technology. By taking apart and rearranging objects out of context, Dobler examines the emotional and visceral ties that the viewer may experience when machines operate with unrestrained abandon. Dobler has exhibited at BRIC, Sculpture Center, ArtPrize, Front Room Gallery and Open Source Gallery among many others.

What’s for Dinner?
Salmon and avocado terrine
Marinated burrata with prosciutto and fresh figs
Fall salad with quinoa, roasted butternut squash and mushrooms
Mediterranean chicken on a bead of humus
Red berries clafoutis with frozen yoghurt parfait hearts

How much does it cost?
$100 includes a five-course prix fixe meal with wine pairings. All proceeds support free and low-cost programs at Open Source. Reserve your seat here!

Where is it?
The event will be held at Coco-Mat in SoHo, Manhattan. Coco-Mat is a global, award-winning producer and retailer of all-natural bedding and environmentally friendly furniture for adults and children.

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Liinu Grönlund: It could have been

It could have been | Press release | Artist talk February 25-April 8, 2017 Opening reception: February 25, 7-9pm Artist talk: February 27, 7-9pm “But at the risk of sounding anti-human–some of my best friends are human!–I will say that it is not, in the end, what’s most worth attending to. Right now, in the […]


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Francesco Simeti: Swell
Sana Obaid
Andrew Snyder
Omar López-Chahoud
Kimberly Mayhorn


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Another Space: Permanent Construction
i Collective: Once Upon Unfolding Times
Dimensions Variable: Multidisciplinary
South Slope Derby 2016
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Arne Schreiber: Your Stripes
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