B. David Walsh: Extracted Bedroom Project

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February 7-March 1, 2015
Opening Reception: February 7, 7-9pm

Extracted Bedroom Dark B&W

B. David Walsh presents “Extracted Bedroom Project,” an installation and performance for Open Source.

Today, we are inundated with others’ lives – we see their accomplishments and struggles on social media and watch events from across the globe on the news. Internet-based exhibitionism has become a part of our daily routines, from the most exciting moments to the most mundane. Documentation of these events is not just a product of how we live our lives, but also helps to create and alter our behavior, often making it into a performance for an online audience. In “Extracted Bedroom Project,” B. David Walsh is displaced so that we can examine his lifestyle, habits, and day-to-day activities both online and in person.

In Walsh’s bedroom, his personal and creative life intermingle, his paintings hang on the walls next to the items he uses every day and the bed where he sleeps. In “Extracted Bedroom Project,” Walsh will re-create his bedroom at Open Source, installing walls, windows, and doorways, as well as relocate all of his belongings to his new room within the gallery walls. His own personal gallery from his bedroom will be recreated at Open Source with his artwork displayed alongside his more private, personal belongings.

Walsh describes the project as “an exhibit within an exhibit within a performance-piece.” The exhibit explores how disruptions of comfort and privacy can effect one’s daily life. While all of his possessions reside in the gallery, Walsh will continue to live in his own bedroom. Walsh’s time spent living in his empty room will be broadcast online, so that the viewer will not only be able to examine the artist’s bedroom, but will have 24/7 access to his life through a computer screen. Left without any items of comfort, Walsh’s daily routine will be disrupted and his comfort replaced with constant reminder that his every action has become a performance for an audience.

B. David Walsh is a Brooklyn-based artist who was born in Clinton, Massachusetts. He has exhibited in New York at the Greenpoint Gallery (Brooklyn) and the Limner Gallery (Hudson). This is his first solo exhibit.



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