Soap Box Workshops and Derby 2014

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Photo by Miho Suzuki

Derby: September 6th on 17th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues.
(every car built out of found material can be part of the race!)

All drivers have to arrive at 11am at 306 17th Street.
The race starts at 11:30am
Kids ages 7-15: 11:30am
Adults: 1pm

July 28th – August 1st ($430 age: 7-12 years)
August 4th – 8th ($430 | age: 7-12 years)
August 11th – 15th ($430 | age: 7-12 years)
August 18th – 22nd ($430 | age: 7-12 years)
August 25th – 29th ($430 | age: above 10 years)
September 2nd – 5th (4 days – $350 | age: above 12 years)

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In Open Source Gallery’s Soup Box Workshop (now located at Splats and Squiggles space at 539 3rd Ave (between 13th and 14th streets), children aged 7 to 15 learn to construct functional, eco-friendly soap box racers out of recycled materials. Under the strict supervision of our watchful counselors, campers are introduced to a variety of tools, from the basic nails, hammers, and hand saws to drills, screws and power sanders. We will be encouraging the campers to plan their design on paper with sketches, notes, and calculations and to think out of the box! Time will be spent outside collecting found objects and additional building materials, and the cars will be tested at each stage of their construction in front of the gallery and in the playground down the block. During the lunch hour the kids will be brought down to the playground to eat and have free play, or time can be spent with kids continuing work on their cars depending on their progress.

The workshop has received rave reviews over the past 5 years from publications such as Brooklyn Independent Television, Daily News (a 2-page spread!), Popular Mechanics, Park Slope Courier, and Brooklyn Paper, to name a few.

The culmination of the workshop is the annual soap box derby on 17th street .
17th Street between 5th and 6th Ave, South Slope
All participants, families, and friends are invited to come to the derby, and everybody is welcome to participate!

Minstrel Cycles presents THE INSIDE OUT CIRCUS at Open Source Gallery

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Minstrel Cycles is a somewhat monthly traveling artists’ salon and creative happening. Its mission is to energize exchange among artists, writers, and performers through a focus on collaboration and creative response to place.

This August at Open Source, we gather in a circus tent made of sewn-together undergarments: a structure traditionally designed for the brightly shining freaks and starlets of otherness crafted out of a secretly ubiquitous and preciously private wardrobe. For this weekend-long event, we invite our inner worlds to ooze, shimmy, trickle, pop, burst, blitz, waft into the outer world in the form of intimate and surreal creation. The central event of the weekend is a Truth-Show-Tell-Dare Artists’ Salon where we will rejoice, wallow, and wonder at the works of Maiza Hixon, Stephanie Bee, Pareesa Pourian, and Jed Shahar. Join us too for community tent-building and a mini-film fest of Surrealist masters.

Saturday, August 2nd

2 pm: Community Inside-Out Tent Building
Bring an undergarment or any object from your secret, inner world to add to the tent. We’ll provide Bloody Mary mixings. Bring your own vodka!

4 pm: Truth-Show-Tell-Dare Artists’ Salon, featuring Maiza Hixon, Stephanie Bee, Pareesa Pourian, and Jed Shahar.

Sunday, August 3rd (cancelled)

SURREALIST mini-film festival
Screenings of films by two masters of the inside-out, and lovers of the chaos and beauty inherent to the circus.

6 pm: Santa Sangre – Jodorowsky

9 pm: Satyricon – Fellini


How to Build A Fire

July 31st, 7:30pm @ Open Source Gallery Our 5th installation will include stories from Jack Wilson, Lynne Duddy & Lawrence Howard, D Lucey, and Erika Anderson.

church of monika

What is the Church of Monika?

Despite our trepidation about the influence of religion, and specifically the church, on politics, there is no doubt that the fostering of community is it’s strongest public contribution. We seek ideas from artists, writers, politicians, and input from neighbors. Although we are primarily a local Brooklyn gallery we accept proposals and have exhibited international artists […]


Our partnership with Fuseworks means they will have a presence at all events and openings with a range of their wares available for purchase.